Sydney LETS

What is LETS?

Better than Barter

Barter is a simple one-to-one exchange – I cook for you in return for you digging my garden.
LETS is different – I cook for John; John digs Mary’s garden; Mary cuts Joe’s hair; Joe fixes Lenny’s car; Lenny sells me vegetables and so on around the system…
Each of these trades is paid for in operas and recorded in a central ‘bank’.

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Why join?
Community trading strengthens community values and relationships, promotes self-sufficiency and supports sustainability, prevents stuff from going to landfill, gets neglected jobs done, potential to inter-trade with other LETS communities, meet like minded people, build and be a part of the local community.

Trade is no longer limited by the availability of cash
LETS is a “parallel economy” supporting local communities and empowering individuals.

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